Will I experience any pain?

With a multi-layered approach designed to minimize or eliminate any discomfort, The Smile Center offers a variety of Patient Anesthetic options. Designed to put patient anxieties to rest, these alternatives allow you to receive the care you need and once again have a pain-free smile.

Do you accept my Insurance?

At The Smile Center, we accept most all Dental PPO Insurances, including Delta Dental, United Concordia, as well as military active duty and retired TriCare coverage. While some insurance may be out-of-network, we still want to provide all your family dental care needs and offer reasonable fee schedules, the convenience of one-stop total family care for everyone from 6 months to 106 years old, free taxi transportation and a variety of other patient amenities that may be missing from an in-network provider. Just as you might prefer ordering off the a la carte menu at a restaurant instead of choosing from the limited selection available through a cheaper, fixed price menu, you may also want to go out-of-network for your dental care to receive exactly what you want from The Smile Center.

Do you provide “laughing gas” for your patients?

“Laughing gas” otherwise known as Nitrous Oxide is available at every office of The Smile Center. In addition to this option, we offer a full range of Patient Anesthetic to ease any patient anxieties. From start to finish, we employ a variety of anesthetics to ensure that every patient has a pleasant experience at The Smile Center.

Where are your offices located?

With six offices conveniently covering the entire San Antonio metro area, The Smile Center prides itself on having Our Locations near most neighborhoods. We even provide free taxi transportation to and from your appointment for everyone located within a five-mile radius of the office! With so many locations, there’s bound to be an office near you.

Is same-day treatment available?

In many cases, The Smile Center can provide treatment on the same day as your exam and diagnosis. With multiple Dentists available at each office, along with plenty of treatment rooms, depending on the scheduled appointments that day we make every effort to offer our patients the opportunity to receive immediate care for most of their dental needs.

Do you use amalgam/silver fillings?

Many patients have become concerned over the past couple of decades about the trace amounts of mercury and metal in Amalgam or “silver” fillings. And, although most patients will never experience any adverse effects from their amalgam fillings, the Dentists at The Smile Center have moved almost exclusively to the use of Composite or “white” filling materials.

What should I do if I have a toothache?

At The Smile Center we go to great lengths to relieve the pain you may be experiencing from a toothache and accept same-day patients who need immediate care for a toothache. Open Monday through Friday and Saturdays at some of Our Locations, we encourage anyone experiencing a toothache to call their nearest location for care. However, if you are having severe pain outside of our regular office hours, we urge you to seek help at a hospital emergency room. You may be given antibiotics to begin fighting the source infection, which will begin to provide relief and allow you to then Schedule an Appointment with your Dentist.