First Dental Home

A child's smile creates a shortcut to your smile

Anyone who has looked into the innocent, smiling face of a baby knows that a child holds the promise of tomorrow. We place our hopes and dreams into that child…vowing to always do our best to love and protect them!

The Texas Health Steps First Dental Home program, a legislative initiative focusing on improving the overall oral health of children 6 – 35 months of age, provides:

  • Early risk assessments;
  • Educational materials developed by pediatric and general dentists;
  • Regular preventative care;
  • Lasting foundation for a lifetime of good dental health.

By establishing a First Dental Home for your child, you’re creating an early pattern of good oral hygiene and a series of positive experiences at the Dentist’s office. Care that is included in your First Dental Home visit:

  • Caries (Cavities) risk assessment;
  • Dental prophylaxis (cleaning);
  • Oral hygiene instructions with primary caregiver;
  • Application of topical fluoride varnish;
  • Dental preventative care guidance;
  • Establish a regular check-up schedule.

Many people question why so much concern is placed on starting dental visits before a child even has any teeth since “baby teeth” are temporary. However, primary teeth are just as important as permanent teeth for chewing, speaking and appearance. As many as 20 percent of children have cavities by the age of 3; with First Dental Home we can make changes and avoid some of those cavities with early checkups.

Your family Dentist at The Smile Center is a certified Texas Health Steps “First Dental Home” provider, offering you and your children the information and care needed for a good start to a lifetime of dental health. After all, a child’s smile represents the most precious gift of all!