Dental Bridges

We’ve all heard the expression “bridging gaps” when talking about something to fill a need. Just as we use this terminology regularly in our business or personal lives, the same phrase applies to Dental Bridges.

The use of Dental Bridges commonly helps to “bridge gaps” in our smiles left by missing or damaged teeth. As the name implies, the basic definition of this appliance is:

  • Dental Bridge: One or more artificial teeth attached, usually on both sides, by crowns to adjacent teeth. The primary function serves to maintain space and restore daily usability for missing teeth. Dental Bridges may be made of gold or porcelain fused to gold or some other form of metal.

Unlike a Partial Denture, a Dental Bridge becomes a fixed appliance in your mouth and is permanently anchored. The teeth on either side must be healthy and capable of supporting the replacement artificial teeth. Your Dentists at The Smile Center will be able to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this permanent solution to missing teeth.

So, while you may have to continue to “bridge gaps” around the office or house, with the advances in technology and Dental Bridges you will no longer have to worry about those gaps in your smile!