Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleaning

“I brush and floss every day…why do I need a cleaning from my Dentist?”

Regularly scheduled Dental Cleanings provide an opportunity to remove harmful material that can cause more complex oral issues in the future and detect any problems that can be easily fixed.

During any cleaning, the primary objective involves removing both Plaque and Calculus from your teeth.

Plaque: Is a film of sticky material containing saliva, food particles and bacteria that attaches to the tooth surface both above and below the gum line. When left on the tooth it can promote gum disease and tooth decay.

Calculus: When the Plaque is not removed, it becomes a hard mineralized deposit that forms on the crown and/or root of the tooth. It is also referred to as tartar.

A Prophylaxis or Prophy, a simple cleaning of teeth with a rubber wheel and dental toothpaste, is performed by a dental professional who cleans and polishes the teeth surfaces. They may also apply a fluoride treatment to help prevent dental decay. Patients are most familiar with this type of cleaning.

However, in some patients the deposits have become harder and require a deeper form of Cleaning. These options can include:

Scaling: This procedure is used to remove more stubborn plaque, Calculus and stains from your teeth above the gum line.

Root Planing: This process involves scaling and planing root surfaces below the gum line to remove all Calculus, Plaque and infected tissue.

With this variety of cleaning options, Dentists at The Smile Center want to perform a full examination to determine the type of cleaning that best suits your personal oral hygiene needs.

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