Dental Crowns

We all know the idea of someone’s “Crowning Glory” as something that adorns them or their reputation.

Just as a traditional crown sits atop the head of someone, so does a Dental Crown on your tooth. And, while we tend to use the term Crown to refer to a protective covering placed on a tooth, the Crown is actually a part of every tooth.

The Crown of your tooth is the white, visible part above the gum line, which is why those protective covers have come to also be called Crowns. When a tooth has been damaged or a Root Canal has been performed, a Crown — an artificial “top” made of porcelain, composite, or metal — is cemented on top of teeth to provide protection and a usable new tooth surface. Two types of Crowns are available:

  • Porcelain Crowns: Basically, there are two types of Porcelain Crowns. The original method involves fusing porcelain to a metal Crown base and provides an appearance compatible with your other teeth. More recently, Crowns made exclusively of porcelain are fired at a dental lab where the technician is able to create exacting tints and opaques inside the porcelain to create a completely natural look.
  • Stainless Steel Crowns: These are pre-made metal Crowns, shaped like a tooth, that are used to temporarily cover a seriously decayed or broken tooth. These are used most frequently on children’s primary or “baby” teeth as a means of protecting the growing permanent tooth underneath.
    Cap: A common term used as another name for a Crown; however, this usually refers to a Crown for a front tooth.

This variety of options allows the Dentists at The Smile Center to make sure that your smile will always be YOUR Crowning Glory!