We’ve heard stories from our parents or grandparents about tying a string to their tooth as something they may have done to remove it!

Today, Dental techniques have become considerably more sophisticated when the need arises to take out a tooth.

Generally, an Extraction is the professional removal of a tooth. Extractions fall into two categories: “Simple” or “Surgical.”

  • Simple Extractions: This procedure is performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth, which have erupted above the gum line and can usually be performed quite easily.
  • Surgical Extractions: This involves the removal of teeth that cannot be easily seen or reached, either because they have broken under the gum line or have not fully erupted, which is known as an Impacted Tooth. In most cases, this occurs with a Third Molar, the last of the three molar teeth, also called a Wisdom Tooth. There are four third molars, two in the lower jaw and two in the upper jaw, one on each side. Some people are born without one or more of their third molars.

Your Dentists at The Smile Center may have any number of reasons for recommending an Extraction. These diagnoses could result when:

  • Repairing a damaged tooth is not practical
  • Teeth are broken, cracked or extensively decayed
  • Teeth are unsuitable candidates for root canal treatment
  • Teeth have been affected by advanced periodontal (gum) disease
  • Mal-positioned or nonfunctional teeth exist
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment (braces)

While The Smile Center Dentists will do everything they can to save your tooth, it is comforting to know that if they propose an Extraction, you won’t have to resort to the old-fashioned solution!