Filling Alternatives

A mouthful of silver or gold Fillings used to be quite commonplace. However, in addition to those standard options, Dentistry today offers alternatives to a metal mouth!

When a tooth has a cavity caused by Dental decay, a Filling is the material used by a Dentist to fill a cavity or replace part of a tooth.
Your Dentists at The Smile Center offer the following types of fillings:

  • Amalgam (Silver): A silver-colored Dental Filling made of a mix of silver, tin, mercury and some other trace elements like copper. The metallic mixture is initially soft so that it can be molded to fit the tooth and gradually hardens.
  • Composite: An alternative to Silver Amalgam Fillings, Composite Fillings are made from a resin and particles that are mixed together and then given time to “cure” and harden. The advantages of Composite Fillings are that they are naturally white, can easily be colored to match the surrounding teeth and are relatively easy to complete. Composite Fillings are, however, less biocompatible than silver or gold and are generally not as strong as metal fillings.
  • Inlay: A custom-made Filling, crafted of cast gold, porcelain, or Composite and then cemented into the tooth as a replacement for part of your tooth. If it covers the tips of the teeth or otherwise supports the tips, it’s called an Onlay.

Regardless of your needs or preferences, our Dentists at The Smile Center are sure to fill the bill!