Invisalign Braces

Once upon a time, having beautiful, straight teeth meant enduring years as a “metal mouth” or “tin grin.”

While the results were well-worth the ordeal, the experience could be less than pleasant for some patients. But, a new day has dawned in Orthodontics, allowing patients to reap all the benefits without any of the cosmetic embarrassment or physical discomfort.

The need for Braces arises out of teeth that are poorly aligned, lack of functionality and a poor bite pattern. There are several different types of Orthodontic corrective measures, one of which is commonly referred to as Braces. We’re most familiar with the type that involves bands and wires, but other appliances may also be used to correct teeth alignment. Among the more recent — and increasingly popular — are Invisalign Braces.
Invisalign Braces: Unlike traditional metal braces, these consist of a series of clear, removable aligners used as an alternative means of correcting Orthodontic issues.

While not sacrificing effectiveness, Invisalign Braces offer a number of advantages over wire and bracket braces:

  • Completely transparent
  • Perfect for adults who want to straighten their teeth without the look and teenage stigma of traditional metal braces
  • More comfortable than braces
  • Easier to eat due to the removable nature of the device
  • Avoid many of the side effects of traditional metal braces, such as the often painful effects on the gums and supporting tissues
  • Average treatment time of about one year

With Invisalign Braces there’s no reason to put off having the smile of your dreams and The Dentists at The Smile Center stand eager to help you make that dream come true!