Root Canal Therapy

Most people are familiar with the phrase “Root Canal” but few understand the language and procedures behind these words.

Root Canals fall into the Dental specialty area of Endodontics, which deals with injuries to or diseases of the pulp, or nerve, of the tooth.

In your tooth anatomy, the Root is the part of the tooth below the crown, normally encased in the jawbone. It is made up of Dentin, includes the root canal, and is covered by Cementum.

  • Cementum: This is the very thin, bone-like structure that covers the root of the tooth.
  • Dentin: This part of the tooth is under both the Enamel, which covers the Crown, and the Cementum, which covers the root.

And while we think of a Root Canal as a procedure, it is actually a part of your tooth – it’s the hollow part of your tooth’s root. It runs from the tip of the root into the pulp.

To treat conditions affecting this area of your tooth, The Smile Center Dentists perform Root Canal Therapy. This involves a process of treating any disease, infection or inflammation of the pulp or root canal. Dentists remove all or part of the pulp and root’s nerve(s) and fill the canal(s) with an appropriate material to permanently seal it. This is traditionally followed by a Crown, which completes the process and gives you a comfortable, healthy smile again!