Sammy Brings the Smiles to Your Event!

A warm and friendly smile is always a welcome guest

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You’ve planned the PERFECT event and want to add that little — or BIG — special element to create a truly memorable occasion.

How about a lovable, yellow friend who is guaranteed to bring a giant smile and lots of fun as that special — and unexpected — guest?

Whether a fundraiser for your group, a school carnival, community gathering, public health fair or special occasion for your business or organization, Smiling Sammy provides the ideal compliment to any event!

Universally loved by everyone, Smiling Sammy instantly lights up the faces — and fun — anywhere that big Sammy smile appears.

Who wouldn’t love to add some smiles to their next event? Big smiles and big fun await, so schedule your FREE Smiling Sammy appearance today and celebrate the joy of a smile with Sammy!

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