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Affordable Dentures

Preventive dentistry is the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy.

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Dentures are custom-created removable appliances that look natural and function just as your own natural teeth, allowing you to smile, chew and speak with confidence. People young and old can benefit from dentures which replace missing teeth, support for the structure of your jaw and allow you to enjoy daily activities. We offer affordable full, partial and immediate dentures dentures that are measured, fitted and delivered in our offices.

  • When you already have missing teeth and normal activities (such as eating) becomes difficult.
  • Your teeth have moved, or shifted, creating gaps between teeth.
  • You have toothaches and/or swollen gums.
  • You feel self-conscious about your smile.

Dentures can be made by general dentists at any one of our Jefferson Dental locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or San Antonio. Our dentists conduct the exam, x-rays, impressions, wax bite and fitting in-office. Our prosthodontist assists with complex cases, denture fit, alveoloplasty and creating implants

The cost of dentures varies depending on the type of denture, additional treatments required such as implants or extractions, and the material that your dentures are made out of. The actual cost of a denture can range from several hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars for the denture alone.
Additional recommended treatment that aid in denture fit such as implants, extractions or bone grafting are additional costs to factor in.

Dentures do not stop the bone loss that comes with missing teeth; in fact the loss of jaw bone can strongly impact the fit of your dentures. A bone graft, conducted by your dentist, restores lost bone and tissue. Moreover an alveoloplasty or alveoplasty, a surgical procedure which smooths the bone and tissue of the jaw bone, reshapes the jaw to allow for a more comfortable fit. An alveoloplasty recontours supporting bone in preparation for the denture or other prosthetics, and can also be used to smooth bumps or unleveled bony areas.

Jefferson Dental offers several financing options including CareCredit that can help divide the cost of dentures and dental treatment into more manageable payments. Our Exclusive Savings Plan gives you up to 60% OFF dental services, plus our Price Match Promise guarantees the lowest price!

Your dentist will assess which type of denture is right for you based off of examination, x-rays and impressions. Moreover, the dentist will observe the number and condition of remaining teeth, bone loss, gum health, as well as lifestyle factors before making a recommendation on the best type of dentures. There are several types of dentures:

  • Full dentures: A full conventional denture replaces all natural missing or extracted teeth for the upper and/or lower jaw. These dentures look and function like natural teeth, and require cleaning to maintain their appearance.
  • Immediate full denture: Often known as same day dentures, immediate full dentures are created in a series of visits prior to delivery and fitting. These dentures are inserted on the same day that remaining teeth are extracted, so there is never a lapse between sets of teeth.
  • Partial Denture: Removable partial dentures have false porcelain or acrylic teeth attached to a plastic gum-colored base. Partial dentures fill in the gaps where several teeth are missing, while complete dentures replace an entire set of teeth.
  • Implant-supported denture: An implant-supported denture hooks onto implants, holding the denture firmly in place. These dentures look and function like natural teeth
  • Removable Over-Dentures: Removable over-dentures attach to conventional dental implants, mini-implants, or to a bar connected to conventional implants. These dentures are removed after meals, at night and in the morning for cleaning.
  • Non-removable fixed dentures: Non-removable fixed dentures stay in the mouth all of the time. They are cared for like regular teeth by brushing and flossing daily. Though permanent, if necessary they can be removed by a dentist without damaging the implant.

We provide high-quality dental care in state-of-the-art facilities, which feature a modern look, coffee bar, and special play and treatment rooms for kids.

Our doctors and dental team provide a thorough professional exam, every time, taking special care to:

  • Deliver a comfortable, hassle-free dental visit
  • Attend to any immediate issues you may have, including relieving pain from dental emergencies
  • Answer your questions so that you can make informed health decisions
  • Explain any procedures in your language of preference
  • Teach you how to keep your mouth healthy

We’re proud to offer high-quality dentistry and orthodontic care with affordable payment options to make sure you get the care that you need.

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