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Dental Crown

Dentals crowns make damaged teeth look and feel new. Crowns – sometimes called caps – are essentially artificial teeth that are used to cover or replace teeth that have been rotted, injured, fractured, or abscessed. A dental crown will restore normal function to a tooth that is no longer healthy enough for everyday use. A crown (is used to save a damaged tooth or its roots, and will help maintain bone health and nerve function by providing a protective cover over the tooth. A crown is necessary after a tooth is fractured or after receiving a treatment such as a root canal.

Crowns are used by dentists to:

  • Repair cracked, chipped or broken teeth
  • Prolong the life of a tooth that is weakened by cavities or severe tooth decay
  • Rebuild a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Replace discolored teeth
  • Realign a misaligned or incorrect bite
  • Provide a place for bridges to attach to

Creating and installing dental crowns is a multi-step process.

  1. The dentist will take bite impressions to determine the shape of the tooth, to ensure the crown will fit properly.
  2. The crown will be fabricated at our lab, where it is shaped and adjusted for color.
  • The dentist bonds the new crown to your tooth or implant.

The Smile Center Family Dentistry provides crowns in two different types of materials for our patients:

  • Porcelain crown – Crowns made from porcelain match the color and translucency of real teeth. Porcelain crowns look and function like real teeth and replace a missing or damaged tooth.
  • Gold crown– Gold dental crowns have been used for thousands of years == because they’re effective and strong. Gold can stand up to decades of chewing and some teeth grinding if they are cared for properly.

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