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Dental Fillings

Fillings are perhaps the most common of dental procedures and are a critical part of the Smile Center’s arsenal in fighting tooth decay and cavities. Although cavities frequently do not cause pain —  until they are serious – some patients may feel discomfort or sensitivity that indicates a cavity will have to be filled.

Cavities range in size – from nearly invisible small cavities to dark spots that indicate a serious cavity. It’s far better to discover a cavity when it can only be seen by a dental professional during your regular dental visits than it is to notice you have a cavity by experiencing pain or further tooth decay.

Cavities are typically diagnosed using x-rays and can be repaired in a single dental office visit.

If you have a cavity, don’t delay in getting it filled by your dentist. A cavity is a decayed hole in the tooth that will only deepen if left alone. A tooth with severe decay, or decay that spread to the tooth pulp, may require a root canal or tooth extraction. In those cases, implants or bridges are needed to replace the tooth.

As importantly, cavities can lead to tooth decay in adjacent teeth, and contribute to infection of the teeth and gums.

If you or your dentists find a cavity, you’ll make an appointment to have your cavity filled. You may or may not need a topical or local anesthetic, depending on the severity and location of the cavity to be filled. When you arrive for your filling appointment, the dentist will:

  • Remove decayed material from the cavity, usually with a drill
  • Restore the tooth with a composite resin material.
  • Seal the cavity to prevent liquid or particles from becoming trapped in the space.

Cavities typically take only 20-30 minutes to fill once your dentist has examined you and determined you need a filling.

Because they are so common, fillings are covered at least in part by most dental insurance plans. For the uninsured, the Smile Center Family Dentistry’s discount payment plan and low-cost guarantee mean you don’t have to put off that filling any longer.

We’re proud to offer high-quality dentistry and orthodontic care with affordable payment options to make sure you get the care that you need.

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