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Learn More About the Benefits of the iTero®️ Element™️ Intraoral Scanner

What is iTero?

  1. High-tech 3D scanner
  2. Creates a 3D model of your mouth
  3. Allows your dentist to show you what’s going on with your dental health



In this video, Dr. Shilpi Priyadarshini, DFW Regional Dental Director, explains the benefits of the iTero 3D Scanner.

What is the iTero Scanner used for?

Comprehensive Dental Exam

At The Smile Center, we believe a thorough dental exam is crucial for your continued oral health. That’s why we’ve invested in this advanced technology to provide better treatment plans and unprecedented patient education. With these 3D scans, your dentist can show cavities, crowded teeth, if your bite is off or uneven, plaque and calculus forming on your teeth, chipping, and much more.

When used at each visit, you can view a time lapse of your smile changing over time. This is especially helpful (and eye opening) if you’ve been putting off a treatment and can see your teeth worsening over time. Or, if you are undergoing treatment like Invisalign, you can see the progress of your smile with your own eyes at each visit.


When using the scanner for Invisalign clear aligners, the iTero can display a simulation of what your smile will look like before, during and after Invisalign treatment.

Essentially, you can see your new smile before committing to treatment! It’s important to note that mail-order aligner companies like Smile Direct Club don’t allow you to have input on your future smile. At The Smile Center, you will consult with your doctor (not a computer) to make sure you are happy with the final product.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about goopy, uncomfortable impressions. The scan is painless and over in a matter of minutes, with no goop or gagging!

Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry

Scans may also be used to create better-fitting and better-looking crowns, veneers, implants, and more. 3D impressions are much more accurate and comfortable –again, no goopy impressions!

Benefits of iTero

  • Transparent patient-education tool: see with your own eyes what’s going on in your mouth. Your dentist will be able to educate you on your dental conditions by showing you your scan.
  • More comfortable: no one likes impressions. With iTero, there’s no goop & no gagging.
  • High tech: Get the best possible care with the latest technology
  • Efficient: no coming back for another impression—the scanner shows real-time progress so we can create the perfect model of your mouth
  • Easy Record-Keeping: iTero helps us easily keep your record as to why treatment was recommended in case you or your insurance company has any questions after the treatment is completed

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